Current Officers

Mark D. Krieger, MD
Chair (2019-2021)

Mark R. Proctor, MD
Past Chair (2019-2021)

Bermans Iskandar, MD
Chair-Elect (2019-2021)

Matthew Smyth, MD
Secretary (2019-2021)

Richard Anderson
Treasurer (2019-2021)

Members at Large
Eric Jackson (2018-2020)
Jim Johnston (2018-2020)
Elias Rizk (2019-2021)
Ruth Bristol (2019-2021)

Standing Committees

Nominating Committee
Mark Proctor, MD, Chair (2019-2025, Chair, 2019-2021)
Sarah Gaskill, MD, Chair (2017-2023)
Bruce Kaufman, MD (2015-2021)
Rules & Regulations Committee
Brent O’Neill – Chair (2019-2021)
Heather McCrae (2019-2021)
Jen Strahle (2019-2021)
Membership Committee
Robert Bollo – Chair (2019-2021)
Caitlin Hoffman (2019-2021)
Krystl Tomei (2019-2021)
Education Committee
Susan Durham, MD – Chair (2017-2019)
William Whitehead – Chair-elect (2019-2021)
Pediatric Section Annual Meeting Subcommittee
David Adelson – Chair (2019 – Phoenix)
Ruth Bristol (2019 – Phoenix)
Jay Wellons 2018 – Nashville
Mark Krieger ex-officio – Section Chair
Benny Iskandar ex-officio – Section Chair-elect
Richard Anderson ex-officio – Section Treasurer
Chevis Shannon (2018 – Nashville)

Ad Hoc Committes

Education Committee Subcommittees (ad hoc)

National Meeting Subcommittee
Todd Hankinson, MD, co-chair (2019-2021)
Amy Lee, MD, co-chair (2019-2021)
Raheel Ahmed (2019-2021)
Rob Naftel (2019-2021)
Communications Subcommittee
Benjamin Kennedy, MD, Chair (2019-2021)
Carrie Muh, social media (2019-2021)
Tracy Flanders – Resident (2019-2021)
Peter Madsen – Resident (2019-2021)
Training Subcommittee (Traveling Fellowships and Training)
Andrew Jea, MD, Chair (2019-2021)
Ed Ahn, MD, Vice Chair (2019-2021)
Nathan Ranalli (2019-2021)
Stephanie Greene (2019-2021)
International Education Subcommittee
Phil Aldana, MD, Chair (2019-2021)
Christopher Bonfield (2019-2021)
Eylem Ocal (2019-2021)
Examination Questions Committee
Lance Governale, MD (2018-2020)
Rabia Qaiser, MD (2018-2020)

Lifetime Achievement Award

Mark Proctor (2019-2021)
Research Committee
Cormac Maher, MD, Chair (2013-2019, Chair 2019-2021)
Eric M. Thompson, MD (2015-2021)
David Daniels (2017-2021)
Scellig Stone (2019-2021)
David Limbrick (2019-2021)
Industry Relations Committee
Alex Powers – Chair (2019-2021)
Sam Browd (2019-2021)
TBD (2019-2021)

Representatives and Liaisons

Liaison to the AANS Executive Committe
Mark Krieger , MD (2019-2021)
Liaison to the CNS Executive Committe
Benny Iskandar (2019-2021)
Liaison to the Washington Committee, AANS/CS
Mark Proctor (2019-2021)
Liaison to the ABPNS
Rick Boop Current Chair of ABPNS
Liaison with ACPNF (Accreditation Council of Pediatric Neurosurgery Fellowships)
Cormac Maher Current Chair of ACPNF
Liaison with ISPN
Eylen Ocal (2017-2019)
Liaison with ASPN
Jim Drake Current President of ASPN
Liaison with AAP Section of Neurological Surgery (SONS)
Andrew Jea Current Chair of SONS
Liaison to the Joint Council of State Neurosurgical Societies
Jason Blatt (2019-2021)
Pediatric Section representatives on the Joint Guidelines Committee
David Bauer, MD, Chair (2017-2019)
Brandon Roque, MD (2017-2020)
Jon Pindrik (2019-2022)
Taylor Abel (2019-2022)
Greg Heuer (2019-2022)
Sarah Jernigan (2019-2022)
Laurie Ackerman (2019-2022)
Howard Silberstein (2019-2022)
Alex Beier (2019-2022)
Liaison to the Coding and Reimbursement Committee, AANS
Curt Rozelle, MD (2017-2021)
Jason Blatt (2019-2021)
Liaison to the Drugs and Devices Committee, AANS
Joseph Madsen, MD, Chair (2018-2021)
Sam Browd, MD (2018-2021)
Liaison to the Young Neurosurgeons Commttee
Benjamin C. Kennedy (2019-2020)
Alt: Michael McDowell (resident)
Liaison to the Neuro-Critical Cae Society
Ash Singhal, MD (2010)
Liaison to Quality/Outcomes groups
Brandon Rocque (Chair) (2019-2021)
Sandi Lam (former Chair) (2017-2021)
Liaison to NREF
Cormac Maher (2019-2021)
David Limbrick (2019-2021)
Liaison to American College of Osteopathic Surgery
Francesco Mangano, DO (2017-2019)
Liaison to Tumor Section
Amanda Saratsis, MD (2018-2021)